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Film case studies

Detailed below are a number of examples of how our Theatre Makers programme has been deployed in two local primary schools to help pupils engage with the arts, develop their confidence and self-esteem and participate in a class-wide activity that culimnated in a memorable red carpet experience.

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Cavalry school, year 3

Cavalry Primary School’s Year 3 pupils produced a film around the Roald Dahl classics, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Magic Finger. Throughout the weeks, pupils rehearsed their scripts and worked on their given characters before performing in front of the camera. So much fun was had throughout the entire process as every pupil’s confidence grew within such a short space of time.

Cavalry school, year 4

Year 4 pupils performed some work around the history of the Celts and the Saxons. The children produced an informative piece of theatre that included poetry and song within which they devised the ‘Did You Know’ reporters which educated visitors. Performed for parents and other visitors at Stonea Roman Camp, everybody left this fabulous performance with both knowledge gained and a sense of pride for the effort put in by the pupils.

Peckover school, year 3

Year 3 pupils selected Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Theatre Makers. We worked with the children to help them produce chocolate adverts based upon their own chocolate bar creations. The children also helped create the scripts after which each advert was filmed.

Peckover school, year 4

Year 4 children attended a fascinating exhibition, in Wisbech Museum’s library, about child convicts imprisoned during the 1900s. They researched each juvenile convict after which they created a very moving short film about them. This detailed their (by comparison) minor crimes and (by comparison) harsh punishments. There was an overwhelmingly harsh and unjust comparison to modern day punishment.

Peckover school, year 5

Year 5 pupils were offered a Bear Grylls theme. As a result, they were taken to Secret Garden in Wisbech St Mary where they spent an amazing day coordinated by Fenland Bushcraft. A short film was produced showing just how much fun they had had.

Premiere night

After the filming and editing was completed by our own production staff the children, and their parents, attended a red carpet premiere of their films at The Light Cinema in Wisbech. We think we can all agree that all of the above actors from all schools performed brilliantly. We can’t praise them highly enough!

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