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20Twenty Productions CIC was created on 25th October 2011. We are a not-for-profit organisation that uses creativity and participation to engage and empower children and young people so they may build confidence, essential skills for life and one or more creative skill sets. Working strategically, collaboratively and directly as creative practitioners we inspire young people to realise their potential whilst growing as leaders. Our programmes, projects and events are designed with and for young people. 20Twenty Productions supports creative industry development; empowering young people to gain qualifications and access real world opportunities. If you would like to know more about the work we do please email us.

Film Making

As an organisation we have an excellent track record of facilitating young people to be involved with, or even make, a wide range of short and half-length feature films. We are delighted that Gordon, one of our current apprentices, has really taken to the art of film making since joining us in 2018. Whilst we have delivered a number of film-only projects we also incorporate film making into other projects such as our current Theatre Makers project and Be Heard music project.


20Twenty was commissioned by the YMCA in 2019 to produce a short film about domestic abuse of teenagers. This enabled us to work with some of our previous Youth Theatre members who are now studying performance at University and some of our current older Youth Theatre members. We, as an organisation, learnt a lot from our new friends at the YMCA about this important subject.


Be Heard is a programme which helps young people campaign through music and film. In the summer of 2019 young people created two original songs with music videos around relationship and friendship conflicts and the danger of social media. More dates for filming opportunities will be released shortly.


Theatre Makers is a 10 week school program for Key Stage 2 pupils. Our theatre and film staff work with up to sixty children (for at least two hours per week per class of thirty) to produce a piece of theatre or a short film. This is devised, with our help, by the pupils using themes which link into the school's current curriculum. Previous project themes have included Fantastic Mr Fox, The Space Chase, History through the Ages and researching how young convicts were treated when imprisoned in Wisbech Gaol over one hundred years ago.

You can see some examples of our previous pieces of film here.


In 2016, 20Twenty Productions produced a half-length feature film that dramatised the story of how children were evacuated to Chatteris during World War 2. The film was funded by the Heritage Lottery and developed with local young people. This enabled all involved to learn a great deal more about what life was like in rural Britain during the 1940s and what life may have been like for young people who were forced to leave their homes and continue life with a new family in a strange place. We are very proud of this film and it remains an ideal resource for schools to teach pupils about World War 2.

Develop green screen skills

Develop camera craft

"Without our funders, 20Twenty Productions would not exist. In a world where all children and young people were treated with respect, equality, and afforded creative and artistic opportunities to express themselves, we would not need to."

Katherine Nightingale, CEO

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