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Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors is an environmental education project funded by two Fenland wind farms, Glassmoor and Whitemill. The funding provided will support primary aged children from the Friday Bridge, Elm, Christchurch, Coldham, Whittlesey, Eastrea, Ramsey Mereside, Coates and Pondersbridge districts. The activities, which also provide an opportunity for pupils to develop a variety of digital skills, are designed to encourage pupils and their families to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours. We at 20Twenty believe that our actions have to be considered in terms of their global impact. This beach could be anywhere in the world, just like the plastic waste found on it.


Participating schools will receive twelve sessions, delivered by 20Twenty Productions staff, that span a variety of environmentally relevant subjects including the causes of climate change, the creation of fossil fuel, noise pollution, land pollution, food waste, water pollution and alternate energy. The programme adopts a global perspective, demonstrating to pupils how our environmental attitudes and behaviours have a far reaching impact.


The programme is designed to engage pupils in Key Stage 2, preferably pupils in years 5 and 6. We do however believe, particularly with mixed year classes, that year 4 pupils could participate too.


Pupils, while expanding their knowledge of climate change and other environmental issues, will all develop a range of digital and essential skills.


The project will being in the Autumn term of 2021/22. Schools will be asked to commit to a twelve-week period during which each participating class will complete one session per week.


1: Introduction 

Introduces pupils to the subject matter and technology used. Discussion of the importance and pitfalls of environmental issues whilst creating a fun and engaging atmosphere to intrigue pupils moving forward.

2: Climate Change 

Provides an overview of climate change and its effects as pupils continue to develop their digital skills. This session includes an activity that demonstrates the effects of climate change on sea levels. Pupils then create a mind map to present an overview of their current understanding of climate change.

3: Fossil Fuels 

Pupils balance the pros and cons of fossil fuel while exploring their origins. This session has a historical theme as pupils consider whether fossil fuels are essential to the modern world. The session ends with the pupils creating a timeline of the fossil fuel life cycle, after which they speculate on what they think may happen in the future.

4: Alternate Energy 

Builds directly upon session three as pupils are introduced to renewable energy sources, which they will again evaluate. Pupils then develop design skills as they create a movie style poster showing renewable energy sources.

5: Environmental Impact 

The first of two sessions that provide an exciting opportunity for pupils to become film-makers. The activity sees pupils create their own documentary style trailer after watching some inspiring clips narrated by David Attenborough.

6: Environmental Impact continued

Session 5 continued.

7: Prevention 

Pupils now have an enhanced understanding of environmental problems. This session challenges them to consider designing their own solutions to any of the topics discussed. Pupils will be encouraged to draw their own conclusions about why it is so important to protect the environment moving forward.

8: Noise Pollution 

Features an interesting and fun activity. The World Health Organisation have a recommended sound level for residential areas of 75db. This session challenges pupils to create an inspired piece of music to perform to their class that does not break this guideline. The pieces will be measured digitally, hopefully demonstrating that quieter can be good... sometimes.

9: Recycling and reuse 

This session focuses on the vital issue of recycling. Pupils will develop their own board game themed upon the variety of positive and negative journeys that recyclable materials take in our world.

10: Water Pollution 

Water pollution is yet another challenge that has continued to cause problems in recent years around the globe. This session draws attention to the effects of littering on our wildlife, through water pollution, which connects to the issues covered previously in land pollution.

11: Food Waste 

Pupils explore the impact of food waste upon the environment, while also considering the subject of healthy eating. The main activity challenges children to make a menu for their own restaurant where they must minimise food waste and consider different diets.

12: Bringing it all together

Covering many of the topics encountered so far, the concluding session tasks the entire class to construct some wall-art for the school using their outputs from previous sessions.


Every pupil in each participating school will receive 12-months free membership to our online creative learning platform - Neurons.

At £9.50/month, each family receives £114 worth of membership at no charge. This provides access to a range of fun and engaging creative learning activities. Further details can be found at

Pupils will learn about renewable energy...

... how our behaviour has a global impact

... the triggers of climate change

... using the latest technology.

"Without our funders, 20Twenty Productions would not exist. In a world where all children and young people were treated with respect, equality, and afforded creative and artistic opportunities to express themselves, we would not need to."

Katherine Nightingale, CEO

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