March Town Hall, Market Place, March. PE15 9JF. 01354 652769.

Creative producers

This programme will support 3 artists with a serious interest in one of the following: Theatre Making, Film Making, Visual Arts, Arts Education, Music, Event Management and Photography. The project runs between September 2019 and August 2020 for those who want to understand more about their chosen industry, learning from experienced professional artists in that field.

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Art award

Each artist will be encouraged to complete a Silver Arts Award as part of their journey. 20Twenty Productions will support the artists to complete the arts award.

Development plan

Each artist will be supported to create their own personal development plan with members of the 20Twenty team, this plan will include opportunities for work experience either with 20Twenty or one of their partner organisations. 20Twenty Productions team members will mentor the artists during the year with regular meetings and training and development support.


Each artist will be provided with a bursary of £2000 towards the costs of an event, exhibition, film premiere, gig, performance etc. where they will share their year's experiences with new audiences.

Industry event

Each artist will have access to an industry event during the year through Market Place.


Each artist will create a VLOG / BLOG about their journey which will appear on the 20Twenty website as well as other social media.

Group involvement

All artists will become members of the 20Twenty Youth Board to support and enable them to have a voice whilst also being invited to attend YFCC meetings as the Youth Voice representatives for the Fenland area.

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Theatre makers.