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About us

20Twenty Productions CIC was created on 25th October 2011. We are a not-for-profit organisation that uses creativity and participation to engage and empower children and young people so they may build confidence, essential skills for life and one or more creative skill sets. Working strategically, collaboratively and directly as creative practitioners we inspire young people to realise their potential whilst growing as leaders. Our programmes, projects and events are designed with and for young people. 20Twenty Productions supports creative industry development; empowering young people to gain qualifications and access real world opportunities. If you would like to know more about the work we do please email us.

Katherine Nightingale

CEO & Creative Director

Katherine is the founding Director of 20Twenty Productions with her directorship stretching back to 2011. Katherine loves to support our child and youth theatres as a director, producer and script writer. This resonates with her passion of working with and supporting children and young people. Her continuous efforts were recognised when she was nominated to attend the Queen's garden party. Katherine is always looking to develop partnership opportunities with artists and organisations that will help make a positive difference to the children and young people they meet. She is always looking for innovative ways to make that difference.

Tim Nightingale

Digital Director

Tim has many years experience of working in the IT and media industry. This includes being an IT Manager for 15 years within a global pharmaceutical companny, a Creative Trainer for Apple and as a freelance web developer and Apple app developer. Tim uses this experience to develop a range of digital projects for 20Twenty Productions. Tim has also recently graduated with a First in Psychology and is now studying for a Masters Degree in Consumer Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University.

Marian Savill

Artistic Director

Marian was one of the founding Directors of 20Twenty Productions. Marian runs the Arts Award arm of the organisation and is passionate about delivering Arts Awards to the children and young people we work with. As a mixed media artist, Marian also gets involved with delivery of our Discover Days as an artist as well as many of our other creative projects. In her freelance work, Marian's current practice is focused on collage and art journaling. She strongly believes creative expression is a vital tool for health and wellbeing, that everyone should have access to the arts and the importance of the role the arts can play in the community. Marian has a strong, ethical stance and is always looking for ways to improve the carbon footprint of 20Twenty Productions!

Tom Harlock

Music Development Manager

Tom has worked with us on and off for the past 10 years, helping us on projects such as the Original Music project. Tom is a local musician who has been playing guitar for 20 years. Tom regularly performs in and around the area with bands such as Whiskey Twist, The 59er’s and The Lenny Stone Band. He is also busy as a guitar teacher, Tom teaches at Cromwell Commnity College in Chatteris and teaches privately from home and on location. Tom is also an experienced studio musician and sound engineer, having recorded in studios in and around London and Cambridge. Also, he has provided sound for many events over the years and enjoys the challenge of engineering a live band. Tom will be developing our range of music programmes in schools, the community and other project venues.

Kylan Nightingale

Projects and Events Assistant

Kylan joined 20TwentyProductions as an apprentice in 2018 having been a committed volunteer with us for the last six years. He has enjoyed every last minute of it as Kylan loves acting as well as all of the other front and back stage roles found in theatre. Kylan delivers many of our projects in schools and community venues and is working on a new theatre related project which he hopes will be funded for primary school pupils very soon.

Gordon Parsonage

Projects and Events Assistant

Gordon is also an apprentice at 20TwentyProductions. He too is a Projects and Events Assistant, supporting the planning and delivery of various creative projects and events. Gordon is also a member of the Bits and Bytes delivery team. He loves producing films – he has a real passion for film editing in particular and hopes to develop these skills in the future. As with all of our staff Gordon is very passionate about the arts and loves what he does!

Max Louth

Projects and Events Assistant

Max is the third of three Apprentices who joined the team in the July of 2018. As one of our Project and Event Assistants, Max works on many projects. Max also plays the piano and is a keen performer within our youth theatres. Max is a budding entrepreneur who also runs his own business – discos2themax. Max is available for hire for private parties at the weekends.

Eden Arnold

Projects and Events Assistant

Eden is the fourth apprentice at 20Twenty. She too volunteered with our Youth Theatre programme for the past 4 years. Eden organises the volunteering hours and Time Credits for our Youth Theatre volunteers and also supports our growing Community Ambassador programme alongside Katherine. Eden loves acting, dance and event management and, like everybody, has enjoyed every moment spent with 20Twenty Productions.